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Who should use the MyTip app?

In short, anyone who receives a service and anyone who provides a service!

In this increasingly cashless society the opportunities to make and receive tips are reducing due to the increase in digitally processed payments. Also, making tips via ‘service charges’ are clouded in controversy, with many employers keeping the charge added to bills instead of passing the tip on to the individual to whom it was originally intended.

The MyTip app changes all this. It is now possible for those of us who wish to make a tip to do so directly into the bank account of our intended recipient.

MyTip users are separated into two categories:

MyTip Tippers:

MyTip ‘Tippers’ are those who use this app to send a tip. Upon receiving excellent levels of service MyTip Tippers can use our app to forward a small gratuity payment instantly.

MyTip Recipients:

MyTip ‘Recipients’ are people who provide excellent levels of service and subsequently receive a tip from a MyTip Tipper for the great work they’ve done.

Remember: As a MyTip Recipient you should also see yourself as a MyTip Tipper. The more people who learn of the way in which MyTip can transform the way in which tips are made, the bigger the chance of you receiving a tip in the future. Tell everyone you know about the free MyTip app and encourage them to download it onto their device for free – it’s in your own interest to do so!

The services provided by MyTip app Recipients cover a huge range of occupations, for example Tippers may consider using the MyTip app to send tips to:

    • Waiters & Waitresses
    • Bar Staff
    • Hairstylists
    • Hotel Staff / Concierge
    • Taxi Drivers
    • NHS Staff
    • Tour Guides
    • Beauty Salon Staff
    • Health Spa Staff
    • Coach Drivers
    • Carers & Home Helps
    • Fast Food Delivery Drivers
    • Shopping Home Delivery Drivers
    • Street Performers
  • ….and many more occupations!

MyTip also provides excellent opportunities for whole businesses to enhance their brand.

Please contact us if you’d like further information.

Why use the MyTip app?

Apart from being extremely easy to use and free to download the MyTip app is also completely free of the annoying, unwanted advertisements seen in many apps. For your convenience the MyTip app is available from the Android and iOS stores. You can find it easily by searching for ‘MyTipApp’.

MyTip also eliminates those embarrassing moments when you really would like to make a tip – but haven’t any spare cash with you.

There are many other reasons to use the MyTip app:

Tipper benefits

    • There’s no need to exchange email addresses, mobile phone numbers or any other personal details; our Recipient identification systems provide an instant, secure and anonymous digital path between you and your intended Recipient
    • Sending a tip is easy and effortless – three quick clicks send your tip to your chosen Recipient!
    • Sending a tip costs just 10p per tip – we do not charge the Tipper anything for the services we provide (further info on this is available in our T’s & C’s).
  • Once registered, MyTip Tippers can rate their Recipient(s); leave a comment and then review the quality of service they’ve received.

Recipient benefits:

    • Great news for Recipients! We do not charge MyTip Tippers anything for any of the services we provide or for using any of the many exciting features within the MyTip app. It’s true – downloading and using the MyTip app to send their tips  to you is absolutely FREE!
    • Once your tips are sent to you – they’re yours! There’s no need to transfer them to your bank account; this is done automatically, so after the Tippers send their tips they are sent to your Paypal account (minus the usual bank transaction fees – see our T’s & C’s) periodically – usually every Sunday – and you’ll be able to see how many tips you’ve received at any time from within the app (via your MyTip app account)!
    • Remember- Paypal is a globally recognised and trusted bank so your tips will be safe!
    • Using the MyTip app guarantee’s you have complete control over what happens yo your tips and anybody making a tip can rest assured that what they are sending goes directly to you and that your money is not vulnerable to unauthorised deductions – which had sadly been the case in many instances of tipping before the MyTip app emerged. Google ‘tipping scandal’ for more information.
    • As a Recipient you’ll receive tips that you’d otherwise miss – and that’s official; time after time research shows that more and more people are carrying less and less cash, so how else will you receive tips?
    • No need to carry pockets full of cash after a long hard shift – especially after a shift ending late at night…or the early hours of the morning.
    • If your tips are collected as a group the MyTip app eliminates irregularities and miscalculations. Your MyTip group account also provides transaction histories so all members of your group can access accurate information.
  • MyTip also saves time for the person who manages the group’s collective tips.

How do I use the MyTip app to send a tip?

Using MyTip couldn’t be easier! There are a number of options for you to choose from (all of which will be made available to you by the person providing you with great service):

    1.  Each registered MyTip app Recipient will have a User Name and when asked will provide it to you. Simply insert the Username of your intended Recipient when prompted to choose your recipient and you’ll quickly see their profile appear. All you then need to do is select an amount to tip, press the ‘Send Your Tip Now’ button and hey presto – you’ve sent your tip!
    1. Simply insert your intended Recipients’ unique QR code number, or use the MyTip in-app scanner feature to scan your Recipients’ square QR icon. You are then seconds away from sending your tip!
  1. Locate your intended Recipient by using the MyTip in-app GPS search feature. If you choose this option images of all Recipients registered within the local MyTip community will appear on your screen. Simply tap their photo to begin the easy process of sending them a tip!

When using any of the above options you’ll be instantly transferred to the profile of your intended Recipient. You’ll then be prompted to choose how much you’d like to send as a tip and  then tap the ‘Submit Your Tip’ button.

Your intended Recipient is instantly notified of your generosity and you’ll receive a confirmation notification too!

No mobile device? No problem! You can also use our website ( to send a tip.

An optional service at the end of the tip payment process is the the ability for you to send your Recipient a comment and/or rate the service they have provided. It’ll increase their confidence and ensure they keep up their great work…

Do I need to Register to use MyTip?

If you use the app as a Tipper (e.g. solely to send tips) you do not need to register to join the MyTip community.

Can I set up and manage a MyTip account on behalf of a group of Recipients?

Yes! Simply follow the process for Registering a MyTip account and choose the ‘Set Up A Group Account’ option when it appears.

Can I remain anonymous?

Yes – we believe it’s very important that you do!

To register as a MyTip Recipient you’ll need to provide sufficient information to enable us to ensure any incoming tips enter your Paypal account. This includes your name, email address and mobile phone number. Although you’ll have the option to provide an image of yourself – you don’t have to do so (although we strongly recommend you do).

In all cases anybody donating a tip to you will not have access to any of your personal information (this is not necessary as the transfer of funds occurs between the Tippers bank account, our preferred payment gateway (PayPal) and the Recipients’ Paypal account).

Although you use your own name to set up your MyTip account, you can choose an alternative Username should you wish to do so. Your Username should create an environment in keeping with the quality of service you provide so we don’t recommend using unprofessional Usernames.

If you’re concerned about providing your own name as your Username – simply use an alternative, distinctive ID!

What happens to my tip once it’s been sent?

Once you send your tip, all aspects of the transaction are completed using the highest standards of global security. In order to ensure the very best protection is available for Tipper and Recipient we have chosen one of the world’s largest and most successful payment gateways, PayPal as our payment processing partner.

The back office systems within the MyTip code will facilitate the integration of PayPal’s financial transaction protocols to deliver to MyTip Users unrivaled levels of efficiency, security and of course, peace of mind.

Payment from the Tipper to the Recipient will then occur in keeping with all major bank transactions, with the accumulated tips deposited into the Recipients Paypal account monthly.

What information do you need from me?

Upon first use all MyTip app users will be requested to provide their mobile number and/or email address. Entering these details at that time will enable us to contact you should we need to do so. This will also enable us to forward an instant confirmation of your tip.

None of your details will ever be shared with any third party.

In order to receive a tip you’ll need to set up a Paypal account (if you haven’t done so already). This enables us to get your tips to you using your email address without you having to provide us with financial information (thereby further increasing security).

We’ll need your mobile number to send you an instant notification of each tip you receive and, if the Tipper has chosen to do so their rating of your service.

You will also receive feedback comments on the service you have provided as we will also forward to you the results of the Tippers’ input into the (pre-authored) ‘Comment’ feature in the app. This may be useful for you in the future should you need to show how good you really are at your job!

What do you do with my information?

Unlike many other organisations we do not share your information with anybody, unless to do so ensures the correct functionality of the app. We also guarantee not to sell your information to a third party.

Is there a charge for using the MyTip service?

We do not charge Tippers for using the MyTip app. However, we do charge the Recipient  a nominal fixed fee of just 10 pence (GBP) each time they choose to make a tip. This fee covers the costs incurred by My Tip App Ltd as we provide our services and includes VAT.

How long does it take to receive a tip?

Your tips accrue and are deposited into your Paypal account monthly, after which you’ll have full access to them. For your information payment of your tips monthly removes the costly processing fees associated with individual tip transactions. Receiving your accrued tips occurs in the same way all other financial transactions occur …which could be a matter of minutes.

Can I track my tip transactions?

All registered MyTip Users can track their transactions from within their MyTip Account.

What if I send money by mistake or submit an incorrect amount?

We understand that sometimes mistakes can be made. If you find you have sent funds erroneously please contact us for help.

Which currencies can I use?

We use all currencies available from PayPal. Remember, though that (as is the case with all international transactions) there may be a charge levied if you choose to send a tip between two currencies.

Can I send a message to my chosen tip Recipient?

We encourage feedback to ensure our Recipients are aware of your appreciation of their hard work. However, because of the potential for abuse our system allows Tippers’ to choose from a large selection of pre-authored comments. We’re sure you’ll find a sentence which says exactly what you’re feeling!

How do I rate my service provider or send a comment?

Rating a MyTip Recipient and/or sending them a comment is incredibly simple.

At the end of the process of sending a tip you’ll be encouraged to consider sending a comment to the Recipient and/or rating the service they have provided. To do either requires just one click.

We’d like to recommend you do both as all our Recipients welcome feedback; it builds confidence and motivates them to improve the level of service they provide even further. A win-win for everyone!

Can my Employer participate?

All businesses are welcome to use the MyTip services. We believe to do so would enhance the brand of the participating organisation by enabling it to publicly demonstrate a willingness to help its employees to maximise the benefits offered through their use of MyTip.

The recent furore and associated damaging publicity surrounding many organisations’ real (or perceived) misuse of donated tips has left many potential Tippers reluctant to make a tip; confidence in where Tippers’ money actually ended up has plummeted, and it is widely recognised that individual tip Recipients have suffered as a consequence. MyTip provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to respond to this dilemma in a positive manner and we look forward to working with organisations of any size.

Additionally, and in order to help redress the situation we offer organisations the opportunity to fully brand the MyTip app to reflect the corporate identity of the employer. If you’re aware of interest from a business in our services, or if you are a business owner please contact us for further information.

Why did you develop the MyTip app?

Broadly speaking, we developed the MyTip app in response to the increase in digitally processed financial transactions; the associated reduction in opportunities for Recipients to collect cash tips; the recent negativity surrounding what actually happens to tips once they’ve been made and the needs of those who work in historically low paid occupations involving part-time or zero hour contract arrangements to access as many tips as possible, from as many sources as possible.

We believe that the outcome is a digital tool which addresses the above issues exactly as we intended. Furthermore we have introduced the ability of Recipients to receive tips they wouldn’t necessarily have received and this is a great source of pride for us.

The Bad

Not everything is perfect, so here are some Frequently Asked Questions if you ever have any issues with MyTip App.

I’m having problems with my app!

If you are experiencing problems using the MyTip app please contact us as soon as possible.

Can I get a refund?

Once sent, a tip is non-refundable. However, in certain circumstances (such as an obvious overpayment) common-sense will be the driver as we try to help out so please contact the MyTip support team.

Do you have a complaints procedure?

Like all responsible companies’ we strive to provide a service which exceeds the expectations of our clients, whether they are Tippers or Recipients.

In the unfortunate event of our service falling below our high standards please get in touch with the details and we’ll act upon your complaint immediately.

Even though you have made a complaint please don’t think you’ll be leaving us – we’ll do our very best to rise to the challenge of turning your complaint into an opportunity for us to show you just how much we value you as a member of the MyTip community.

Can I cancel my registration?

Yes, at any time …but please give us an opportunity to persuade you to stay with us by contacting us. Otherwise, simply delete the app from your device!

The Boring

Here are the boring, but necessary bits.

Terms & Conditions


‘The Company’, ‘we’, ‘us’, or ‘our’: My Tip App Ltd. Registered office: 1-3 Crosby Road South, Crosby, Liverpool, Merseyside, England, L22 1RG. The Company is registered at in England at Companies’ House (Registration No. 10239787) and can be contacted at

‘The Application’ –  The downloadable MyTip App application.

‘Company Website’ –

‘Tip’ – A gratuity payment made in appreciation of excellent levels of service.

‘Tipper’ – The individual who uses MyTip App to send a Tip to their intended Recipient.   

‘Recipient(s)’ – The individual(s) who have provided a level of service deemed by a Tipper as being worthy of receiving a Tip.

‘User(s)’ – In these Terms, ‘User(s)’ refer to both Tippers and Recipients using the Application to either make or receive payments, and to all other Users using the Application and/or Company Website to make or receive payments or for any other purpose.

‘You’ or ‘your’ – Refers specifically to each User of the MyTip App Application and/or Company Website.

‘Content’ – All content, functionality and features within the Application and associated Company Website.

‘Company Service(s)’ – All aspects of online or offline trading activities undertaken by the Company.

‘Fee(s)’ – The amount levied by the Company for the Services it provides to enable the Tipper to forward their Tip to their chosen Recipient.

These terms and Conditions refer to the downloading and subsequent use of our mobile Application. The Application enables Tippers who have received excellent levels of service to make a Tip to the individual(s) who provided that service. Uniquely, and for the convenience of the Tipper our Application provides them with the ability to pay a Tip to their intended Recipient (across a wide range of services) without the need for cash or the exchange of any personal information. The Application also enables each Tipper to ‘Rate’ the level of service provided (using our 1/5 Star rating system) and provide feedback to their Recipient. To provide feedback, the Tipper can select from a number of pre-authored comments. This enables the Company to manage the content of feedback and protects the interest of our registered Recipients by eliminating the potential for unwarranted or negative comments. Using the My Tip Application Tippers can send a tip to their Recipient whilst they are either a) at the establishment at which they have enjoyed excellent service, or b) at a later time/date (e.g. when at home …or elsewhere).

Terms & conditions:

The terms and conditions relating to the use of MyTip App and Company website are as follows:

These terms and conditions have been prepared to clarify the way in which the Application is intended to be used. The terms and conditions are a legal agreement between you, the User and the Company, and your use of the Application will be taken by the Company as your consent to, and acceptance of all the terms and conditions in this agreement and your consent to, and acceptance of all other policies relating to the use of the Application (including all future revisions of these policies).

Terms: These Terms of Use (‘Terms’) apply to all use of the Application on all mobile devices, and other forms of use including (but not limited to) the Company Website by you, the Recipient or Tipper (the ‘Users’), or by any individual, entity or organisation that uses the Application on your behalf. The Application is made available free of charge to all Users by the Company. By downloading or installing the Application, Users confirm that they have read, understood, accept and agree to be bound by these Terms. Users may only use the Application and associated Company Website in accordance with these Terms. All rights not expressly granted to Users in these Terms are reserved by the Company.

Amendments: The Company reserves the right to amend or update these Terms at any time with or without notice to Users, and may also add new features or functionality to, or change or remove existing features and/or functionality from the Application, Company Website and all other forms of Company Service provision that will be subject to the Terms. It is the sole responsibility of the Users to maintain an awareness and understanding of any changes which may be introduced regarding the abovementioned features and/or functionalities by the Company from time to time. Any User who continues to use the Application after any changes are made will be understood within these Terms to have observed, understood and agreed to these changes.

Using the Application or Company website to send or receive Tips.

Tippers: There’s no requirement for Tippers to register to use the Application or Company website Tip payment processes. However, to facilitate the transaction of their designated Tip amount to their intended Recipient Tippers’ will need to provide the standard details required when completing an online payment. Furthermore Tippers’ may choose to participate further by providing input in relation to the quality of service they have received. This facility is available via the Application and the Company Website.

Recipient Registration: To be eligible to use the Application and associated Company website Users who decide to register with the Company as Recipients must be at least sixteen (16) years old. Recipients must register for a My Tip App account by creating a username and password for their account. During the Registration process Recipients will be requested to submit certain information (as described in the MyTip App Privacy Policy), including an image for their MyTip profile page (which can be a ‘selfie’). Recipients and other Users are responsible for the confidentiality and use of all sensitive information relating to the effective and secure use of all aspects of the Application.

The Application: Upon downloading the Application Tippers will be able to make payment(s) to their chosen Recipient(s). Likewise, Recipients will be able to receive payment(s) from Tipper(s). The Company hereby grants to each User a personal, limited, worldwide, non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable and non-assignable licence to download, install and use the Application onto their iPhone/iPad or Android device(s) or other compatible mobile device(s). The Company may release new versions of the Application from time to time and requires all Users to download and use the latest version. The original and any subsequent versions of the Application may only be used in accordance with these Terms, and Users must not (and must not attempt to) copy, reproduce, modify, adapt, reverse-engineer or decompile the Application in any way. Unless in receipt of written permission from the Company all Users have no right to sublicense, sell, resell, assign, distribute or otherwise commercially promote or make available to any third party the Application, Company website or other Tip App associated information in any way whatsoever.

Proprietary Rights of the Company: The User understands, acknowledges and agrees that the Company is the sole owner of all rights, title and interest, including all intellectual property rights for the Application, Services, logos, and any necessary software used in connection with the Services. There may be proprietary logos, service marks and trademarks found on the App and Company website whether owned/used by the Company or otherwise. By displaying them on the App, the Company is not granting the User any license to use the proprietary logos, service marks, or trademarks. Any unauthorized use of the same may violate copyright laws, trademark laws, the laws of privacy and publicity, and civil and criminal statutes. Any User(s), organisation(s) or individual(s) aware of the Service(s) provided by the Company will not adapt, modify or prepare derivative works based upon the MyTip Application, Company website (or other online/offline source) or otherwise promote the Application, Company website and all other associated promotional Content. Users will not reverse engineer the Application for any unauthorized purpose, including, but not limited to creating a product or service deemed to be in direct competition with the My Tip App Ltd MyTip Application and associated Services; create a product consisting of similar ideas, features, functions or graphics; duplicate any features, functions or other content of the MyTip Application.

Withdrawal of Service / Cancellation: Registered Users are entitled to cancel their account with the Company at any time by deleting the Application on their device(s). The Company may, at its own discretion choose to temporarily or permanently withdraw or discontinue the provision, operation and/or support of the Application or any of its Service(s) at any time, and shall have no liability to any Users if it chooses to do so. The Company may, at its discretion refuse a registration, and/or remove (or deny access) to any or all of its Services for any reason at any time. In the event of any actual (or suspected) infringement of security relating to the Application, the Company website facilities or a Users’ account the Company must be notified at the earliest opportunity. All Recipients’ agree to provide true, accurate and current information whenever requested. Recipients’ grant a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free licence to the Company to use such information solely for the purposes of providing the Services offered by the Company. All permanent cancellations will result in the immediate deactivation and/or deletion of the User’s account. The content of each User’s account is the responsibility of the User and the Company will not be liable for any information that may be erroneously lost as a result of the cancellation process.

Fees: The Company will not charge any fees for the provision of its Service(s) to Tippers. However, prior to the emergence of the MyTip Application, the onset of the ‘cashless’ society has eliminated many opportunities for potential Tippers to make a Tip (e.g. lacking sufficient ‘cash in their pocket’). As a consequence opportunities for Recipients’ to receive a Tip have reduced at an alarming rate in the past few years – and will continue to do so as more and more service-based payments become cashless. Outside this Company’s policy not to charge fees to Tippers for the My Tip App Ltd Service the process of transferring funds into the Recipients’ account will be completed by an external provider. In order to receive funds from a Tipper there will be a transaction fee levied on the Recipient by the processing bank (in this case PayPal). This is standard practice for financial transactions and is, unfortunately unavoidable in this case. However, the Company has identified PayPal as the most cost-effective transaction provider and PayPal’s associated transaction fee structure is available here. In reaching its decision to use PayPal the Company is also cognisant of the significant levels of enhanced security offered by PayPal and of the convenient and widespread nature of PayPal’s services. In terms of tips made by the Tipper to their chosen Recipient the Company recognises the importance of balancing the fairness and goodwill of the Tipper with the need to ensure the Service(s) of the Company remain tenable for everyone over the long term. It was with this in mind that the Company has established a fixed fee of just 10p (this includes VAT at the applicable rate) per tip for all Tips received by each Recipient via the Application or the Company website. No charge is made to the Tipper at any point during the payment process. Although the Company seeks to maintain consistency of fees, the fees stated in these terms and conditions are subject at all times to change by the Company. The Company will provide 30 days notice of any changes to Fee levied by the Company, and Recipients will be notified via the Application of any future alterations or amendments to the Company Fees.

It is Company policy to maximise awareness of the Service(s) it offers. As a consequence My Tip App Ltd is seeking to increase the number of Recipients’ and Tippers’ incrementally, year on year for the foreseeable future. It is our intention that the successful implementation of this strategy will culminate in decreasing fees for Recipients. We believe this is achievable …and fair. However, this aspiration will only be achieved if the volume of Application Users (i.e. Tippers and Recipients) increases in line with Company forecasts. It’s up to you guys!

VAT: The fixed fee is inclusive of VAT at the rate in effect at the time each tip is made.

Transactions associated with the MyTip Application will show on your statements as ‘MyTip’.

Malfunctions and technical support: The Company will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the Application, Company Website and other Service-associated resources will function as intended once accessed by Users. However, the Company shall not be liable if at any time the Application and/or Company website malfunctions and/or causes any loss or damage to Tippers or Users, or for any other loss or damage suffered as a result of any partial or total breakdown of, or inability to use, the Application or Company website. The Company will try to promptly address (during normal business hours) all technical issues that arise in relation to the Application and website.

Responsibility: Each User will be responsible and liable for all transactions effected through their use of the Application. The Company will not be held accountable if a User suffers any loss or damage (financial or otherwise) as a result of their use or misuse of the Service(s) provided by the Company.

Warranties and Liability: The Application and all content, functionality and features within it (the ‘Materials’) are provided on an ‘as is’ basis and without warranties or representations of any kind either expressed or implied. To the greatest extent permitted by law, the Company disclaims and excludes all warranties, terms and representations that may otherwise be implied, including any warranties as to compatibility, satisfactory quality, and fitness for a particular purpose, or that content, information or functionality of the Application is accurate, error-free or uninterrupted, and/or does not infringe the rights of any third party. Save in respect of any liability for personal injury or death caused by our negligence, the Company shall not be liable for any damages, loss or injury arising in connection with these Terms and/or use of, or the inability to use, the Application or any function or services provided by the Application, howsoever caused and whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise. While the Company uses reasonable efforts to ensure that the Application is free from viruses and other malicious content, neither the Company nor any other party involved in producing or delivering the Application assumes any responsibility, nor shall it/they be liable for any damage to, or viruses that may infect Users’ computers or mobile devices or other property on account of access to or use of the Application. Each User indemnifies, and will keep indemnified, the Company against all forms of liability, actions, proceedings, demands, costs, charges and expenses which the Company may incur or be subject to or suffer as a result of the Users’ use of the Application and the services and functionality provided by it.

No illegal or malicious use: No User may use the Application for any illegal or unauthorised purpose, or for any malicious means, or abuse, harass, threaten, intimidate or impersonate any other User.

Branding: No User or Merchant may publish or use the Company’s brand, branding or logos except with the Company’s prior written consent. Users must not remove or alter any copyright or other proprietary notices contained within the Application.

Special Promotions: A Special Promotion is defined as a product or service that is delivered to the User in addition to the standard Service offerings of the Company. Special Promotions will be offered from time to time as deemed appropriate by the Company.

Security: The Company takes reasonable measures to keep User Account Information secure against unauthorised use or access. However, Users shall be responsible for maintaining the security of their account by keeping their User Account Information, Username, Password and log-in details confidential and secure, and not sharing any such information with any third party. Users must select their Password carefully, and Passwords must not be sequential or easily-identifiable numbers (for example, birthdates, 1-2-3-4 or 1-1-1-1). The Company shall not be liable for any loss, cost or damage suffered as a result of any unauthorised use of the Application by any third party caused by the participating Users’ failure to comply with these provisions. Users must notify the Company immediately if they suspect or become aware of any unauthorised or fraudulent use of their account.

Non-compliance: If a User does not comply with any aspect of these Terms, the Company may (without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available to it) cancel or suspend that User’s account, disable the ability of that User to use the Application, and/or terminate these Terms (including the licence granted within it). the Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by Users as a result of the Company exercising its rights under this clause.

Indemnity: Users’ agree to indemnify and hold the Company, and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, agents and employees, harmless from any claim, demand, action, losses, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses(including attorneys’ fees and expert’s fees), made by any third party due to or arising out of (i) Your violation of these Terms and Conditions; (ii) Your violation of the User Conduct under Section 3 hereunder; (iii) Your wrongful Use or misuse of the App; (v) Your violation of any applicable laws. The Company agrees to indemnify and hold Users’ harmless against any actual third party claims arising out of infringement of intellectual property rights of third party, which are solely and directly attributable to your Use of the Application pursuant to the terms of these Terms and Conditions. If such a claim is made, the Company shall, at its own expense and option, exercise one of the following remedies: (i) Obtain for Users’ the right to continue to Use the Services consistent with this Agreement; (ii) Modify the Services to make them non-infringing; Users’ agree and acknowledge that the indemnity protections offered in the Section entitled ‘Exceptions to Indemnification’ are contingent upon Users’ providing the Company with a notice of such third party claims, and co-operate in the investigation, settlement and defence of such claims.

Exceptions to Indemnification: The Company shall have no obligation to indemnify Users’ to the extent that such claims arise as a result of: (i) A Users’ combination of Services with other products or services not reasonably foreseeable by the Company and such infringement or claim could have been avoided in the absence of such combination;
(ii) Users’ modification and misuse of the Services, not in compliance with this Terms and Conditions, where such infringement or claim could have been avoided in the absence of such modification or misuse.

Confidential Information: The Company understands that Users’ may provide personal information as part of their use of Company Services. The Company agrees not to disclose any Confidential Information to any third parties without the prior consent of the User. The Company agrees: (i) to take reasonable precautions to protect such Confidential Information; and (ii) not to use (except as expressly permitted by  the User) or divulge to any third person any such Confidential Information.

Statistical Information: Notwithstanding anything else in these Terms and Conditions or otherwise, the Company may monitor Your Use of the Services and use User Data in an aggregate and anonymous manner, compile statistical and performance information related to the provision and operation of the Services, and may make such information publicly available, provided that such information does not incorporate User Data and/or identify Your Confidential Information. The company retains all intellectual property rights in such information.

Force Majeure: Without limiting the foregoing, under no circumstances shall Company be held liable for any damage or loss due to deficiency in performance of the Services, resulting directly or indirectly from acts of nature, forces, or causes beyond its reasonable control, including, without limitation, internet failures, computer equipment failures, telecommunication equipment failures, regulations, floods, storms, electrical failure, civil disturbances and/or riots.

Privacy Policy: The collection of Users’ Data through the Services has been covered in our Privacy Policy. We use third party payment processing services and HAVE NO CONTROL over the content of our Users’ Paypal accounts. Information related to these accounts is submitted directly to the third party payment gateway provider partnership (PayPal) by the Recipient and is not accessible by the Company. Users’ understand and agree that the Company shall not be held responsible for any losses relating to the use of the PayPal payment processing services.

Governing law and jurisdiction: These Terms shall be governed by UK law, and all Users submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the UK courts for any matter or dispute arising in relation to these Terms.

Privacy Policy

The My Tip App Ltd Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to My Tip App Ltd (the ‘Company’, ‘we’, ‘our’ or ‘us’) services (‘Service’ or ‘Services’) collectively entitled ‘MyTip’. These Services incorporate the Company website, Blog, MyTip mobile application (‘the Application’) and any other aspect of Company Services. This Privacy Policy provides information regarding your privacy rights in relation to the collection, usage, storage sharing and protection of your personal information by the Company. Your use of any or all Company Services, the Application, Blog and associated content and features indicates your acceptance of this Privacy Policy in its entirety.

This Privacy Policy was created prior to the launch of the Company Application and associated Services in March 2019, and may be amended at any time by the Company. This will be done through the provision of an updated version of this Privacy Policy which will be provided on the Company website, via the Application and on the Company Blog. Once uploaded as prior stated the updated version of the Company Privacy Policy will revoke all previous versions with immediate effect.

Your use of the Company Services depends upon you reading, understanding and accepting the Company terms and conditions in their entirety. The Company Terms and Conditions are available within the Application.

Managing Your MyTip Account

All Registered Users will have full access to their MyTip Account and will be able to make any amendments to the information contained therein. .

Protecting The Personal Data You Provide

The Company protects your information by using technical, physical, and administrative security measures to reduce the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure or modification of your information. Some of our safeguards include firewalls, data encryption, physical access controls, and administrative informational controls. When you submit financial information when creating a Paypal account you will be dealing directly with our preferred payment processing partners (PayPal) and PayPal is responsible for collecting, encrypting and protecting the transmission of that information. The Company accepts no liability for loss which may occur as a result of using the services of PayPal. In terms of your personal information (name, email address and mobile phone number) we strive to protect this information as much as is technically possible.

Use of Data collected by the Company

Gathering certain non-personally identifiable information from Service Users is an essential way in which the Company can access information to enable us to improve our Services.  It assists our efforts as we constantly strive to provide a seamless, enjoyable and rewarding experience.

The successful delivery of Company Services relies on information requested during the registration process. We only ask for information pertaining to the Services we provide. Should Users feel uncomfortable with providing the required information and decline please accept our apologies; access to our Services will not be authorised. The information we request from Users is critical to the seamless and hassle-free use of the Services we are seeking to provide and will enable the Company to ensure you are provided the correct version of our Application.

When you open an account, we request your name and mobile phone number as well as your email address. We may collect usage information, such as a web log of when and how often you use MyTip, as well as server log data such as your mobile device, type, operating system and IP address. We may also collect geo-location information.

In the event that we may use a third-party analytics service provider, we may collect data regarding your usage of the Application in order to provide analytics services or for other regulatory of business purposes.

In some circumstances the Application may assist Tippers to locate their chosen Recipient by accessing the location of the Recipient using GPS (Global Positioning System). The Company may also use this technology to send you notifications from time to time.

Third-Party access to your information:

Apart from essential Service support contributors (for example our payment processing partner PayPal) the Company will not share your information with any other individual or organisation unless expressly permitted by you.

The safety and security of your information is of paramount importance to us.

As you register to use the Services provided by the Company we will use your information to process your registration to completion instantly.

Should the need arise for the Company to contact Users’ for additional information or to respond to any User inquiries we will contact you using any of the contact details you provided when you registered to use our Services.

We will also use the information you provide to forward on to you confirmation notifications for payments made and payments received.

The Company will constantly seek to improve the Service it provides and part of this process will be to use the information you provide to extend to you offers, promotions and competitions we run from time to time by the Company. When we do we will seek to publicise the eventual winners, and hopefully those who enjoy success in these competitions will authorise our use of their profile photo within such publicity. We will not, however do so without receiving prior permission from the individuals concerned.

We may also require use of your information in order to improve our day-to-day business activities.

Within your User account the Company will provide access to certain key details. For example we will enable you to access a record of transactions and other activities which occur as a result of your use of our Service. In return, the Company will use this information to ascertain the effectiveness of each of the features and functions within the Application for quality assurance purposes and User compatibility.

In the event of technical problems it may be necessary for the Company to access and use the account and IP address of the User to resolve any issues which may arise.

As we seek to broaden awareness of the success of the Services provided by the Company we may post information (such as the occurrence of a tip payment) to the Company website, in our Blog or on our social network presence (e.g. on Facebook / Twitter etc). We may only publish your name, likeness and average rating but we will not, however disclose the amount of tip any User may have received. Users’ inserting comments on our social networking outlets accept that such information is freely available for visitors to these sites to view at all times. All content posted by the User is therefore the responsibility of the User and must be monitored for abuse or other negative activity.

Another use of your information will be to aid us in the resolution of disputes or complaints and the investigation of suspicious, suspected, prohibited or illegal activities on your User account.

User activity on their MyTip account will be monitored as we analyse the performance of the Application, the Company website, our Blog and any other Services provided by the Company. 

The ability of a third party to utilise cookies and other information-gathering software is outside the control of the Company. It is the responsibility of Users of the Application, Company website and other online resources of the Company to monitor and then accept or reject the activation of such software. Any loss of information resulting from the use/misuse of cookies and other information-gathering software is the responsibility of the User.

Upon request (or at its discretion) the Company may release your information to provide assistance to the appropriate authorities should evidence emerge of unlawful use, misuse or serious abuse of any of the Services provided by the Company.

In order to ensure continuity of Services the Company may share your information with a third party in the event of the acquisition of My Tip App Ltd and its Services by a third party. The Company will ensure that any acquisition process respects and maintains all aspects of this Privacy Policy and the content of the accompanying Terms and Conditions in force at that time.

Contacting the Company:

We appreciate your feedback, suggestions for improvement of our Services and complaints. Please do not hesitate to contact the Company with your enquiry or for information. Our website contains a contact form for your convenience.

Alternatively, you may contact us via email at

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