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MyTip App is the new ground-breaking method of giving and receiving tips.
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Our support for the NHS

The MyTipApp is free to download and enables anyone to quickly and easily show their acknowledgement of the fear, dread …and sometimes sadness that key NHS staff endure as they complete each and every shift

Before the MyTipApp emerged the only way the nation could show its appreciation of the sacrifices made by NHS and other key workers was to collectively clap hands, but we believe they deserve more. But it doesn’t stop there – we’re determined to help our nation lift the spirits of others who have been severely impacted financially by the virus.

For example, individuals employed within the service industry will, it is hoped begin to return to work in the next few months. Waiters, waitresses, chef’s, bar staff, hairdressers and delivery drivers working self-employed or on zero-hour contracts have seen their income reduce drastically over the past few months. That’s where the MyTipApp can help.

MyTip Benefits

The new ground-breaking method of giving and receiving tips


One-time, quick and easy registration

Once registered as a MyTip Tipper or Recipient you’ll be able to send and receive tips using your mobile device …with just 3 quick clicks!


No more missed tips!

The increased use of credit/debit cards has significantly reduced opportunities to receive tips. Thankfully, the MyTip app addresses this problem. Now you can bridge the gap …with the MyTip app!

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Our pricing policy is absolutely ridiculous!

First of all it’s completely free to download the MyTip app from Google Play or the Apple Store.

Secondly, regardless of the amount sent we only charge the Recipient a measly 10p each time a tip is sent.

That’s right – just 10p enables us to provide all the services and features contained within the MyTip app (Our charge also includes VAT). How cool is that?

Crazy, isn’t it?


Individual or group Recipient accounts available.

Many of our Recipients (such as taxi drivers, tour guides, hairdressers etc) enjoy the benefits of using the MyTip app on an individual basis. However, we recognise that some groups collect and pool their tips, choosing to share them equally later. Select the ‘Group Recipient’ option when prompted during the short registration process. Whether single or as a group the MyTip app has got you covered!


Instant notification for both Tipper and Recipient!

The powerful MyTip app instantly notifies the Tipper and the Recipient of the occurrence of each tip as it is made. MyTip Tippers’ benefit from instant confirmation of the payment of their tip, and our Recipients’ enjoy the warm sense of satisfaction as each notification arrives onto their mobile device.


Leave a comment and/or rate your Recipient.

Once you’ve sent your tip you’ll be offered the opportunity to rate the service provided by the individual(s) who have provided you with excellent levels of service. You’ll also have an option to let your Recipient know how you feel about the service they’ve provided by choosing from one of a number of pre-authored comments. The Recipient of your tip will receive your comment and see how you rated them instantly!


Use the MyTip app to promote excellence!

Looking for that promotion? Going for an interview?

All registered MyTip Recipients will have access to their own ratings history, enabling them to provide evidence to existing (or future) employers of the high level of service they have consistently produced over a given period.


How do we do what we do?

We are delighted to provide all of our registered MyTip Tippers’ with the opportunity to reward the individual(s) who have provided them with excellent levels of service. All of the features available within the app, on our website and across our social media outlets are made possible by the payment by the Recipient of a nominal fixed fee at the time they receive their tip. That’s right – irrespective of the amount of the tip our charge is just …10p!


All tips paid directly into recipients' PayPal account.

All tips sent via the MyTip app are paid directly into the Recipients’ PayPal account:

We’ve combined the latest technology with the globally recognised secure payment gateway PayPal to enable all tips sent via MyTip to be deposited directly into the PayPal account of the intended Recipient. Once our fixed fee of 10p per tip has been deducted, PayPal’s usual payment processing fees are introduced as your tip is transferred over to your PayPal account, but by allowing your tips to accrue monthly these fees will be considerably reduced (e.g. one transaction fee rather than multiple transaction fees). Please see our tips and fees page for further details.


Personal Information Secure

Retain anonymity! Absolutely NO exchange of personal information between MyTip Tippers and Recipients:

Whether you’re a MyTip Tipper or Recipient you won’t need to swap your bank details, mobile number, email address or any other personal information. We believe this groundbreaking solution is one of the most important benefits of the MyTip app!

The amazing MyTip app helps you to keep your information safe by enabling you to send or receive tips without disclosing any of your details throughout the process of sending or receive tips.

This is yet another opportunity for you to safely ‘Bridge that gap …with the MyTip app!’


Using the MyTip app makes you safer!

As a registered MyTip Recipient all tips sent to you via our app are deposited directly into your PayPal account. This means you won’t be carrying cash with you when you finish work.

If your standard of service attracts lots of tips then using the MyTip app will no doubt provide peace of mind for you, especially if you work late into the night.

Are you looking for more tips?

Spread the word about the MyTip app by requesting our promotional leaflet which you can hand out to tippers. Simply email us with your details and we will send you a FREE pack of branded MyTip leaflets which explain how to use the app ….and much, much more! Then, if you need more leaflets, just ask.

How it Works

MyTip app is simple and quick to use

To Send a Tip
To Receive a Tip

Who it's for

MyTip’s revolutionary way of tipping provides many benefits to the tippers, staff and employers


The Tipper

No Coins, No Problem

No need to carry cash

One-time, quick and easy registration

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The Recipient

At last – now you can receive tips in this increasingly cashless society!

No more missed tips!

All tips paid directly into your PayPal account regularly!

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The Employer

Increased PR opportunities

Demonstrates excellent levels of quality and service

Improves staff relationships

Enhances levels of staff loyalty and retention

Who'd love the MyTip app?

MyTip is ideal for your place of work

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Bars & Nightclub Staff

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Delivery Drivers

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Cafe Workers

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Coach Drivers

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Hotel Staff

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Personal Trainers

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Waiters & Waitresses

Plus many more… 

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